Reflektor M is a multilingual online magazine for contemporary art based in Munich.

It posts essays and critical comments periodically, related to its list of exhibitions and events in Munich and other cities.

Texts are published in different languages with no translation.

Reflektor M publishes annually a hybrid magazine called RM Basics, which presents essays, artistic interventions and curatorial projects.

For it Reflektor M produces with artists print material related to specific issues, public shows or intimate occasions, as well as to general ideas, like Reflektor M Digest (in collaboration with Melville Design), or Ghost Pavilion - A publication for phantoms, stories in and beyond Latinamerica (in collaboration with Ediciones Popolet).

Proof-Reading, No Proof-Reading Policy

Reflektor M reserves the right to decide whether a text can be published as is or as a neatly, edited text. The texts are often published with a note on the person who proofread the text, but sometimes left with their beautiful errors. We do this as an aesthetic decision as much as because of deficient budgeting conditions.

The purity of language should be fostered. As should the hybridity between many languages. And we want to do this openly, because we feel that this enables the maintenance of art criticism as an indispensable tool.

Proof-read by John Holten.

Maria Inés Plaza Lazo

Jürgen Graef, Interaktionswerk

Julian Kempff, Form & Code