Manual Override: Zoë Claire Miller & Juliana Cerqueira Leite – Kismet / RM Basics

RM Base

  • 27.10.2016. - 07.12.2016

Maybe slimey typey thingy. Maybe fleshier than so. Maybe neither. Maybe it all depends on the purpose of their existence. Imagine; a clay corner, potentially triangular, much like image 1, less than image 3. Imagine; Red, yellow, purple, pink or grey. Either way, it will be shiny. Imagine a wall-to-wall carpet which no longer gives in to pressure, with no memory of being lusciously soft, a surface with a lack of confidence. Imagine; a floor which is the centre of life. Imagine; this is it. Do you hate your own reflection? (she asks) Not as much as I hate the question. Over the phone it seemed so straightforward, but here you are in a completely different situation. When you arrive an hour late (she remarks) she immediately places a handful of fingers on the table, creating a fair amount of distance between them. Pick one (she says). Pick the nicest one according to your own judgement, as it will say a lot about where you come from. Taste is no longer a sense of the tongue, it is just as much a matter of moving things from one hand to the other. The other day you simply answered no to all my questions. If I say the word vaseline, do you cringe or dream of its versatile substance? (she asks) Hollow structures can be filled up with just about anything, so stick to the structures that you know best. An hour later the amount of fingers have multiplied, but the distance between them seems the same. I pick the longest finger, which is still shorter than any of my own. Aha! (she exclaims), now I can see where you are coming from; a remote place without taste or common sense. If you could choose to enter another body, would it be the same material as yourself? (I ask)

  • Hanne Lippard

Im Rahmen der RM Basics feiert Reflektor M auch eine neue Spiel- und Ausstellungsstätte: Ab sofort werden unregelmäßige Veranstaltungen in der Bar Kismet statt finden. Den Anfang macht Rappolds Boro Bar: Twang-of-Ten und das ‚Manual Override‘ von Zoë Claire Miller und Juliana Cerqueira Leite.

Die Künstlerinnen infiltrieren mit Objekten und Skulpturen den Vorraum, sanft und aggressiv, unsichtbar und plakativ; die Präsenz von unkenntlichen körperlichen Formen schwebt im Eingangsbereich und überführt das klischeegeladene Begehren des weiblichen Körpers in eine eher abstrakte Form des sinnlichen, doch grotesken Spürens.