The Admirer & the Admired: Dina Danish & Jean B. Maitre – Institut für Kunstgeschichte der LMU / RM Basics

RM Base

  • 24.10.2016. - 14.12.2016

Opened during the library's opening hours
Institut für Kunstgeschichte der LMU Zentnerstrasse 31

Inspired by museum and historical site visits in Europe and Egypt, Dina Danish and Jean-Baptiste Maitre started a research about displays in relation to their artefacts. The tension between the neutrality of a museum display in relation to the pricelessness of its object came into focus. In their rst duo exhibition ‘The Admirer and The Admired’, Danish and Maitre ask:What if the the object’s background was no longer neutral and if the artefact was of less value? What if the background and the artefact were like an ‘admirer to an admired one’?

Mimicking a museum grid for displaying slabs of ancient scripts, a multi-layered and multi-colored (inspired by digital 3D colors) mesh structure displays climbing plants. Taking away the creative hand and replacing it with the accidental composition of the natural growth of the plants, the hierarchy between the object and its background interweave and affect each other. Ceramic slabs quoting texts from theYouTube comment section of random videos are exhibited one above another.

They shift the attention from the original video to the quote, in the same way a museum artefact would be made invisible to only leave on the wall its explanative label.

Additional to their collaborative works Maitre and Danish have each placed one of their personal works that relates to their common interest.A carpet hung on the wall and a multi-colored rope demonstrate the use of accidental and ephemeral compositions.The carpet shows a trace made by stroking with the hand against the grain of the carpet bers.The rope randomly thrown on the oor creates a momentary color composition.

(From the press release for Tyson, Cologne / April 2016)